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Whenever it comes to connecting adventure-seekers with extraordinary skydiving ventures in the Cincinnati area, nobody surpasses our amazing skydive possibilities!

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Tandem Skydiving in Cincinnati

Tandem Skydive

If you're wanting to experience the unbeatable thrills of skydiving for the very first time, tandem skydiving is what we would recommend for you! Join us here at Cincinnati Skydiving for the most heart-pounding ways to experience the fun and excitement of complete freefall sky diving over Ohio. Skydiving is one of life's ultimate and best adventures. The feeling is indescribable, and the feeling of euphoria lasts for days. Discovering skydiving definitely will change your life!

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Skydiving Training in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Skydiving School

There are several ways to become a licensed skydiver. At Cincinnati Skydiving, our partners provide an AFF (Accelerated FreeFall) training approach. Some of our partners offer training tandem jumps (Tandem Progression) that allow the student to acquire understanding and confidence with a licensed instructor attached. Call Cincinnati Skydiving right away to find out more about the skydive training courses available near Cincinnati.

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Cincinnati Skydiving Gift Certificates

Tandem Gift Cards

Great for a gift on almost any occasion, Cincinnati Skydiving Gift Vouchers can be ordered as a tandem skydive, a solo course or one of the fantastic Cincinnati Skydiving packages that we offer. Gift Certificates are valid for 24 months from the time of purchase and are fully transferable so that the recipient can always pass it on!

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Cincinnati Skydiving Videos

Cincinnati Sky Diving Videos

Cincinnati Skydiving skydiving dropzones have some of the most capable videographers in Ohio to record every second of the jump of your lifetime! Many locations also use a different product, known as "handycam" or "GoPro", (a camera mounted on your Instructor's wrist) for a lower cost, up-close video.

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Do not let life go on you by - get off the couch and into a skydiving jumpsuit! Our team of skydiving experts will help you pick the perfect skydiving school for your first, or next, skydiving adventure! We are dedicated to providing you with the best skydiving experiences and training courses at the best possible rates. Contact us today to turn your dreams into a reality!

Should I try Tandem Skydiving or Accelerated Freefall?

Firstly, there is a major distinction between tandem skydiving and our AFF course. Both are great opportunities for the thrill seeker at heart and we offer both, but the key contrast between the two lies in the descent from the sky. One approach involves falling from the sky with an instructor. The other involves free falling alone... With extensive training, of course. In the end this is a choice that only you, the skydiver can make, when choosing between the two. It all boils down to personal preference, confidence, and comfort levels.

Skydiving with a Tandem Instructor

You've wanted to give this a try your entire life, or as long as you can remember, but you just can't seem to work up the nerve to give it a go alone. That's okay. If you're driven to skydive, but you're not interested in learning how to skydive by yourself, you can tandem skydive.

To maximize your tandem skydiving adventure you will be harnessed in securely in front of a highly trained skydiver who does all the work of the dive, enabling you to experience the feeling of freefall and all of the deep thoughts it will inspire. Tandem skydiving is the best afternoon trip for friends seeking adventure without a lot of time to invest. It's also good for people who tend to give in pressure and are afraid they would neglect to pull the cord or panic in an sudden emergency.

About Accelerated Freefall Skydiving School

If you're a true thrill seeker at heart, then the name itself sounds exciting, doesn't it? This program is offered to educate the student exactly how to do what it requires to safely descent from the sky by themselves.

From A to Z, we make sure that you are 100% ready making that first dive before going out the door into the air. There is no pressure to finish the program in a specified time frame. In step one you will learn the fundamentals of the Accelerated Freefall Program, as well as go through extensive training on:

  • landing techniques
  • how to release the parachute
  • releasing the reserve chute
  • how to freefall and control body movements while descending from the sky

If you're determined to learn, but feel as though you're not 100% ready and need more assistance with A, B, or C, you can keep working until you are ready. If you undergo the course, and still don't feel like you're prepared, or feel like bailing. That's okay, too. Don't feel bad if you prefer to do the tandem jump. Once you've successfully completed the program, you'll become an official certified professional skydiver. You can then share your certificate with family and friends, and feel proud in your accomplishment as it was no easy task. Because let's face it, not everybody can work up the courage to carry out what you've just accomplished.

The Final Choice

Regardless if you choose to try and complete our AFF course and satisfy the requirements to become a professionally acknowledged skydiver, or you just desire to feel the wind rush past your body in a tandem skydiving adventure, the most important decision is to get out and make that reservation to try it out. You won't know how far you want to go if you do not take the first step. Call Cincinnati Skydiving and schedule your skydiving experience right now!

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